Do you need to find ship repair and maintenance services for your Ship in Vietnam? 

Do you need any services to ensure Ship in seaworthy and safety condition, improve general efficiency of the vessel and brings more benefits to ShipOwners/ Managers or Operators in the World? 

Do you need a competent sub-contractor providing repair services, spare parts, materials in Viet nam?

You will find trusted and satisfied in our company after we provided all services for you and yours sides.

Contact Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Joint Stock Company, you will receive the best marine services and ship repair services in Vietnam. Satisfying customers' trust and satisfaction is the key to the sustainable development and growth of our company. We are always the best choice for you.

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About Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Joint Stock Company.

Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Joint Stock Company is a long-standing and reputable company in the field of ship repair and maintenance in Vietnam.

Bacviet commercial and shiptech joint stock company - ship repair in vietnam
Bacviet commercial and shiptech jsc - ship repair in Vietnam.

Our company characteristics such as:​

     - Coverage throughout Vietnam: We can provide services at all ports in Vietnam

     - Diverse and long-term experience: We have engineer teams who have many years of experience and high skills in the field of marine vessels.

     - Diversified and perfect services: We provide a variety of services on ships.

     - Speed of providing fast and efficient service: We will quickly be present and solve urgent problems that the ship requires.


Our team of engineers, through many years of working and developing themselves, have been granted many important practice certificates by the competent authorities such as:

     - We have been approved by Lloyd' Register for WPS up to Steel Plate Grade AH36 of Welding positions:1G, 2G, 3G and 4G (Welding Procedure Specification) and WPQ Certificates 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G (Welder Performance Qualification Certificates)  ⇒  MORE DETAILED

     - We also approved WPQ Certificates Form Class NK (NK Register) for SW (Semi-automatic Welding) and Manual welding (MW) and TIG Welding (TW).  ⇒  MORE DETAILED

In addition, we are managed a biggest workshop for fabrication, recondition all marine equipments, out fittings ... etc for vessel in Vietnam.   ⇒  MORE DETAILED


We always cooperate with customers on the following criteria:

     - Meet all needs of customers: We always advise and meet the needs of customers in the most reasonable way.

     - Quality assurance of services and products: Quality of services and products is always our top priority. The quality of our services and products will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

     - Ensure the delivery schedule as committed: We ensure to fulfill the requirements of the ship with the fastest and most effective schedule on the basis of the time required by the ship.

     - Reasonable price guarantee: We always optimize the price of our services to satisfy any customer.

With our strengths and working criteria, Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Joint Stock Company can confidently provide all repair and maintenance services for equipment, spare parts or any parts on all types of ship at all ports and all anchorages in Vietnam.


Where in Vietnam can we provide marine services for you?

Bacviet JSC - ship repair in Nam Hai, Dinh Vu Port at Hai Phong, Vietnam
Bacviet JSC - Ship repair in Nam Hai, Dinh Vu Port at Hai Phong, Vietnam.

Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Joint Stock Company can provide ship repair and maintenance services at all ports and anchorages in Vietnam when you need it. We always have a team of experienced engineers who are always ready to be at your ship and provide all marine services for you in all ports of Vietnam such as:

     - Ship repair in Hai Phong Port,

     - Ship repair in Cai Lan Port,

     - Ship repair in Lach huyen - HICT Port 

     - Ship repair in Son Duong Port,

     - Ship repair in Phu My Port,

     - Ship repair in Cai Mep Port,

     - Ship repair in Quy Nhon Port,

     - Ship repair in Ho Chi Minh City,

     - Ship repair in Dung Quat Port,

     - Ship repair in Van Phong Port,

     - Ship repair in Vinh Tan Port,

     - Ship repair in Hon La Port, Vietnam.

     - Ship repair in Vissai Port

     - Ship repair in Nghi Son Port,

     - Ship repair in Cam Pha Port,

     - Ship repair in Thieng Lieng Port,

     - Ship Repair Go Gia Port, Vietnam


Also, we provide all kind services in some Anchorages of Vietnam as following ( VIETNAM PORT AND ANCHORAGE ):

     - Ship Repair in Hon gai anchorage.

     - Ship repair in Vung tau anchorage,

     - Ship Repair in Cam pha anchorage.

     - Ship Repair in Ha long anchorage.

     - Ship Repair Cua Lo anchorage.

     - Ship Repair Vung Ang anchorage.

     - Ship Repair Nghi son anchorage.

     - Ship Repair Honnet anchorage.


In addition, our company appoints exclusive agents such as:

     - Company Combitrade - Germany "More Detailed ",

     - Company Palmarine (Hellas) - Greece "More Detailed" .

     - Large partners who are Ship Owners, ship management companies in the world such as: : PIL Singapore, XT Ship Management- Israel, Synergy Group... etc.

And we have also set up branches in foreign countries to provide ship repair services to our customers. You can call us when the ship arrives at the port:

     - Yangon Port - Yanmar,

     - Sihanoukville Port - Cambodia

     - Fang Chang Port - China.

Our branches in the above seaports will provide any ship repair services once the Vessels call there.


Contact us so you can get the most satisfying marine services.

Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Joint Stock Company is always the best choice for you if you need ship repair services in Vietnam. We are always the best and most reliable partner for you to choose in the field of ship repair and marine services in everywhere of Vietnam.

Do not hesitate, pick up the phone and contact us immediately with the information below as soon as you need:

Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Joint Stock Company

Add: 25/6/302 Vancao Street- Haian District - Haiphong City - Vietnam

Mobile/ WhatsApp/ WeChat: +84 904 125 520 (24/24); Fax: +84 2253 739 556

E-mail: bacviet@haiphongshiprepair.com; Website: haiphongshiprepair.com