Ship repair in Vietnam

We are strongly in Repair services for Vessel in Vietnam


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Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Company is located in Haiphong City, Vietnam which has more than 20 years of experience in working on shipping operation, shipbuilding, ship repair and marine services. We are always a leading company in Vietnam to provide all kinds of services such as: “Ship Repair in Viet Nam” Dry Dock service, Underwater inspection and underwater cleaning for all types of vessels in all Port and anchorage of Vietnam.
Other hand, we are doing best for the repair fields as following: Repair services for Engine equipment’s, Hydraulic systems, Steel repairs, Electrical repair, navigation equipments ...etc in anywhere and anytime of Vietnam.


Approved by Class LR for welding works in Vietnam, Class NK for welding and piping Workshop in Haiphong Vietnam, we are a trusted company for Ship Owner, Ship Manager and Ship Operator in the World.
By the targets and with than 20 years’ experiences in Ship repair and marine services in Vietnam, Bacviet Commercial and Shiptechnical Company always ensure that:

+ Satisfy all requests of the customers and customer's satisfaction is key for the sustainable development of the Company
+ Quality of products and services are firstly.
+ Ensuring timely handover of products as promised.
+ Reasonable prices.

Up to present time - March 2022, we have done more than 8,000 (Eight thousand) projects for about 6,000 (Six thousand) Foreign Vessels and Domestic Vessels at the Ports and Anchorages of Vietnam.

With a team of experienced engineers who have trained at VietNam Maritime University and many years worked at the largest ship repair factories in Vietnam, and there are teams of well-trained and skilled squads, we always ensure to finish on the right schedule and as promised. The products/ projects which are done by the Company is the best quality of all products in any condition.
Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech has been approved by Lloyd' Register for WPS up to Steel Plate Grade AH36 for 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G (Welding Procedure Specification) and WPQ Certificates 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G (Welder Performance Qualification Certificates). More Information.
We also approved WPQ Certificates from Class NK (NK Register) for SW (Semi-automatic Welding) and Manual welding (MW) and TIG Welding (TW). More Information.

We have a long term good cooperation with many Ship Owner, Ship Manager and Ship Operator in the World as well as many good Partners in China, Singapore, Japan, Germany and Greece.
There are some good partners such as: Combitrade Company from Germany ⇒ Detailed here, Palmarine from Greece ⇒ Detaled here, they are trusted agents at overseas.
Main products for “Ship Repair in Vietnam” which are supplied as the best from Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Company such as:

+ Main Engine & aux engine

+ Turbocharger overhauling

+ Pumps repair

+ Hydraulic crane

+ Electrical repair works

+ Steel repairs works

+ Tail Shaft and Propeller

+ Machinery parts recondition

+ Air condition & refrigeration System.

+ Recondition Piston Crown & Exhaust Valves.

We provide/ supply repair services, Marine Services, Ship spare parts, Internal Audit ISM, ISPS, MLC, Dockyard Services, Underwater services for the Ship in all the Ports and anchorage of Vietnam as following:

+ Ship repair in Hai Phong Port, Vietnam.

+ Ship repair in Cai Lan Port, Vietnam.

+ Ship repair in Lach huyen - HICT Port Vietnam. Lach Huyen Port - HITC Information 

+ Ship repair in Son Duong Port.

+ Ship repair in Phu My Port.

+ Ship repair in Cai Mep Port.

+ Ship repair in Quy Nhon Port.

+ Ship repair in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

+ Ship repair in Dung Quat Port.

+ Ship repair in Van Phong Port.

+ Ship repair in Vinh Tan Port.

+ Ship repair in Hon La Port, Vietnam.

+ Ship repair in Vissai Port V,ietnam.

+ Ship repair in Nghi Son Port, Vietnam

+ Ship repair in Cam Pha Port, Vietnam.

+ Ship repair in Thieng Lieng Port, Vietnam

Also, we provide all kind services in some Anchorages of Vietnam as following ( VIETNAM PORT AND ANCHORAGE):

- Ship Repair in Hon gai anchorage.

- Ship repair in Vung tau anchorage, Vietnam.

-  Ship Repair in Cam pha anchorage.

- Ship Repair in Ha long anchorage.

- Ship Repair Cua Lo anchorage.

- Ship Repair Vung Ang anchorage.

 - Ship Repair Nghi son anchorage.

- Ship Repair Honnet anchorage. 

 - Ship Repair Go Gia Port, Vietnam