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Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech is the first Company in Vietnam to supplies services for renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Afloat/ anchorage of Vietnam

With many experieces in this field, good skilled engineers and new model equipment for bonding Shaft Seals, we provide services for renewal FWD/ AFT Propeller Shaft Sealings in all the Ports or Anchorage of Vietnam

Our objectives are:

+ Satisfy all requests of the customers and customer's satisfaction is key for the sustainable development of the Company.

+ Quality of products and services are of essence.

+ Ensuring timely handover of products as promised.

+ Reasonable prices.

Renewal Propeller Shat Seals sevice areas:

- Renewal Propeller Shat Seals at Campha Port, Vietnam. 

- Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Halong Port, Vietnam.

Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Hongai Port, Vietnam.

- Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Lach huyen Port, Vietnam. 

- Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Cailan Port, Vietnam.

- Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Nghison  Port, Vietnam.

- Renewal Propeller Shat Seals at HaiphongPort, Vietnam.

Renewal Propeller Shat Seals at Vissai Port, Vietnam.

- Renewal Propeller Shat Seals at SonDuong Port, Vietnam. 

- Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Dungquat  Port, Vietnam. 

- Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Phumy Port, Vietnam. 

- Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Caimep Port, Vietnam.

Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Vungtau Port, Vietnam.

Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Ports of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Quy Nhon Port, Vietnam.

- Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Go Gia, Vietnam.

- Renewal Propeller Shaft Seals at Thieng Lieng, Vietnam.

Pictures as below are services for renewal FWD Propeller Shaft Seal of MV PUERTO ROSARIO: 

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