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Bacviet Commercial and Shiptechnical is a Ship Repair Company in Vietnam which is one of leading companies to provide all services for Ship repair and Marine Services of both Domestically and Internationally clients.

We provide full comprehensive solutions for all types of Marine Turbochargers for Main Engine or Auxiliary Engines such as repair services, overhauling/ troubleshooting, reconditions and fabrication or supply new spare parts … etc for all types of Ships at the ports and anchorage of Vietnam.

Image for Overhaul Turbocharger ABB VTR 454 – 32 at Vung tau anchorage, Vietnam

# Turbocharger condition: As following reported by Chief Engineer on board that Main Engine Exhaust high temperature were abnormal (high), the vessel could not increase revolution Main Engine 

# Turbocharger Specification: Maker: ABB, Type / Model: VTR 454-32. Serial Nos: HT 428860 / HT428861. Installed for Main Engine

# Vessel Specification: The vessel BIG LILLY (IMO 9150406, MMSI 538009951) is a Container Ship built in 1999 (25 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Marshall Islands. (information from:

# Owner/ Management company: V. SHIP GREECE LTD.

# Scope of Job: Troubleshooting Turbocharger and provide full comprehensive solutions

# Steps to performed overhauling Turbocharger VTR454-32 at Vungtau anchorage:

After discussed with Superintendent and Chief Engineer on board of the vessel, checking and confirmed the special tool boxes and spare parts on board for overhauling.

Skilled technicians have arranged boat services to come on board of the vessel at Vungtau outer anchorage of Vietnam. Meeting/ discussing with Chief Engineer for overhauling plans and procedures.

# Turbocharger Overhauling Procedure for ABB VTR 454 -32 at Vungtau anchorage, Vietnam has been performed as the following:

  • Carefully check / read the manufacturers’ instructions booklet.
  • Prepare/ checking all special tools, measuring tools and equipment, necessary chain blocks and lifting materials.
  • Remove out air filters
  • Drain out lubricating oil.
  • Visual checking condition inside / outside of the Turbocharger.
  • To take measurements and record them prior to the rotor dismantling for axial clearances and radial clearances such as K - L – M, B1, B2
  • Disassembling/ withdraw out all the individual parts such as Lubricating oil pump (both end), bearings, turbine and compressor wheels, nozzle ring etc.
  • Withdraw out Turbine rotor
  • Meticulous cleaning for all the individual parts.
  • Visual inspection, inspection measurements and the condition of all the parts to be submitted reports/ records.
  • Rotor alignment check, dye penetration testing is to be carried out before the dynamic balancing. Report/ records for dynamic balancing works have to issued and submitted as overhauling documentation.
  • Dynamic Balancing Rotor if needed.
  • Issue the spare parts need to replaced.
  • Reassembling complete turbocharger according to the makers’ instructions.
  • Axial clearances and radial clearances such as K - L – M, B1, B2 to be measured and issued records/ reports. 
  •  Submitted all overhauling/ dynamic balancing reports/ records before/ after overhauling and to be kept on board and sent to Ship Owner. Photographic reports also submitted on final documents
  • Finally, the Turbocharger performance test is carried out, during sea trials.

# Duration time: From 28th January 2024 to 7th Februray 2024

# Location service: Vungtau Anchorage Vietnam 

Image for Dynamic Balancing Turbocharger VTR 454 -32 in Phu My Port, Vietnam

# Spare parts of VTR454-32 Turbocharger has been supplied and replaced:

  • Rotor Shaft Complete set (PN 20.000) Including Part No: PN-21.000 Turbin blades with shaft, PN- 25.000/ 26.000 Inducer and Impeller, PN-23.000 Partition wall. Completed rotor shaft has been installed complete set and arranged dynamic balancing at workshop before installing on board x 1 Set.
  • BEARING COMPLETE CE - PN 32100 x 1 Set
  • BEARING COMPLETE TE - PN 34100 x 1 Set
  • SEALING BUSH CE - PN 76002 x 1 Pc.
  • SEALING BUSH TE - PN 51014 x 1 Pc.
  • LUB.OIL PUMP TE - P.N 39000 x 1 Set.
  • LUB.OIL PUMP TE - P.N 39000 x 1 Set.
  • COVER RING - P.N 57000 x 1 Pc.
  • GAS INLET CASING - P.N 51000 x 1 Pc.
  • WALL INSERT - P.N 77000 x 1 Pc.
  • SPEED SENSOR - P.N 86500 x 1 Set.
  • CENTRIFUGE CE - P.N 32150 x 1 Pc.
  • CENTRIFUGE TE - P.N 34150 x 1 Pc.
  • RING NUT - P.N 32151 x 2 Pcs.
  • PUMP HOLDER COMPL. CE - P.N 32160 x 1 Set.
  • PUMP HOLDER COMPL. TE - P.N 34160 x 1 Set.
  • HEX. HEADED SCREW - P.N 32152 x 4 Pcs.
  • LOCKING PLATE - P.N 32153 x 2 Pcs.
  • GASKET P.N 32154 x 2 Pcs

# Similar jobs for Repair/ troubleshooting for ABB VTR Turbochargers in Vietnam which can be done smoothly by Bacviet Ship Repair Company.

We are always to ensure that all providing the best services for Overhauling and troubleshooting Turbochargers for all ship types in Vietnam, we guarantee with our clients that they will be assured and satisfied with the services which we bring to them in every time and everywhere.

Overhauling/ troubleshooting Turbochargers or similar works for Bulk Carrier Vessels in Vietnam's seaports are always done smoothly, quickly and with quality assurance along with the best time for the Vessels.

We provide similar service works such as:

- Overhauling Auxiliary Engine Turbochargers

- Overhauling Main Engine Turbochargers

- Dynamic Balancing all types of Turbocharger Rotors

- Supply Geniuses or OEM spare parts for Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine Turbocharger

- Renewal Spare parts

Image for assembling Rotor Shaft complete of Turbocharger ABB VTR 454-32

# Ship Repair and Marine Services Company in Vietnam are provided and managed by an experienced and good company in Vietnam, please be trusted us for all services.

That is Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Company which provides repair services for all types of Ship in all the Ports or anchorage along Vietnam, which are mentioned as below:

1/ Services areas in the Northern of Vietnam (Ports and anchorages):

• Overhaul Turbochargers at Cam pha Port.

• Overhauls Turbochargers at Hongai Port.

• Overhaul Turbochargers at Cai Lan Port.

• Overhauls Turbochargers at Hai Phong Port.

2/ Services areas in the North Middle of Vietnam (Ports and anchorages):

• Overhauls Turbochargers at Nghi Son.

• Overhaul Turbochargers at Vung Ang.

• Overhauls Turbocharger at Son Duong.

• Overhaul Turbochargers at Hon La.

• Overhauls Turbocharger at Chan May Port

3/ Services areas in the Middle Central of Vietnam (Ports and anchorages):

• Overhaul Main Engine Turbochargers at Da Nang.

• Overhauls Main Engine Turbocharger at Dung Quat.

• Overhauls Main Engine Turbochargers at Quy nhon.

4/ Services areas in the South Middle of Vietnam (Ports and anchorages):

  • Overhaul Main Engine Turbochargers at Nha Trang.
  • Overhauls Main Engine Turbochargers at Cam Ranh.

5/ Services areas in the South of Vietnam (Ports and anchorages):

  • Overhaul Main Engine Turbochargers at Cai Mep Port.
  • Overhauls Main Engine Turbochargers at Phu My Port.
  • Overhaul Main Engine Turbochargers at Vung Tau

6/ Services areas in somewhere of Vietnam if have requested from Clients.

Image for Overhaul Turbocharger in HCM City, Vietnam

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     - Ensure the delivery schedule as committed: We ensure to fulfill the requirements of the ship with the fastest and most effective schedule on the basis of the time required by the ship.
     - Reasonable price guarantee: We always optimize the price of our services to satisfy any customer.

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# Title: Main Engine Turbocharger overhauling at Vungtau anchorage, Vietnam.

# Publication date: 1500LT date 1st Maarch 2024.

# Author: Mr. Trung – Bacviet Projects Manager.

# Copyright by:  Bacviet Ship Repair Company in Vietnam

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