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Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Company provides repair/ rewinding Marine Generator Stator, Generator Rotor, Electric Motor services in all ports  and anchorage of Viet Nam

With a staff of long-term experience and high skills, together with a new system of machinery and equipment, a scientific and appropriate working process, we ensure to hand over to customers quality products, on time. shortest and affordable.

Bac Viet Commercial and Shiptech Company can perform rewinding and repair of Generators, 1 phase, 3 phase, 1 DC or AC Generator with capacity from 1.5KW to 1000KW. 

We have Quick Team Mobilization and are skilled in Marine electric systems, we provide full services for overhaul/ repair/ recondition/ maintenance Electric Motors, Generator Alternators, Electric Motors for Crane, Exciter rotor and stator, Air compressor Electric Motors etc in all the Ports and anchorages of Viet Nam.  

1/ Our objectives are:

+ Satisfy all requests of the customers and customer's satisfaction is key for the sustainable development of the Company.

+ Quality of products and services are of essence.

+ Ensuring timely handover of products as promised.

+ Reasonable prices.

2/ Our procedure is:

- Clean, visually check the external condition of the Generator when receiving it from the customer at the Workshop.

- Measure relevant parameters if any such as Mega Ohm, Voltage...

- Dismantle the Generator, clean and check details such as: Bearings, Bearing housing, Rotor, Impeller, Shaft key, Seals... Inform customers of detailed technical status after disintegrate

- Rewinding the Stator according to the Workshop Procedure.

- Rewinding the Rotor according to Workshop's Procedures.

- Rewinding exciter.

- Dynamic balancing of the rotor after rewinding

- Replace damaged details (Customer or material supply workshop) as agreed.

- Restore damaged parts (if any) such as Bearings, bearing housing, Rotor Shafts, Seals...etc.

- Drying the stator/ rotor/ exciter rewinding with specialized drying equipment and adjusting the drying temperature over time to ensure quality.

- Measurement of technical parameters after repair or rewinding..

- Test run without load and run with load, due to measurement of technical parameters during and after testing such as Mega Ohm, Ampere, Voltage, Frequency .. etc.

- Handing over products to customers including technical documents after repair/ rewinding.

3/ Our warranty policy is:

Bac Viet Company commits to warranty for all types of Motor, Engine or Generator made by us for a period of 06 (six) months with the condition that the usage guidelines are followed.

4/ Generator services areas:

We provide services for Auxiliary Generator of the vessel in all the Ports and anchorages of Viet Nam as following:

Rewinding Generator in Cam pha Port, Vietnam

Rewinding Generator in Ha long Port, Vietnam

- Rewinding Generator in Hon gai Port, Vietnam

Rewinding Generator in Lach huyen Port, Vietnam

Rewinding Generator in Cai lan Port, Vietnam 

Rewinding Generator in Nghi son  Port, Vietnam 

Rewinding Generator in Hai phong Port, Vietnam

- Rewinding Generator in Vissai Port, Vietnam

Rewinding Generator in Son Duong Port, Vietnam 

Rewinding Generator in Dung quat  Port, Vietnam

- Rewinding Generator in Vinh Tan - Binh thuan Port, Vietnam

Rewinding Generator in Phu my Port, Vietnam 

Rewinding Generator in Cai mep Port, Vietnam.

Rewinding Generator in Quy Nhon Port, Vietnam

Rewinding Generator in Go Gia Port, Vietnam

Rewinding Generator in Thieng Lieng Port, Vietnam.

Also you can find our services for Electric Motor in Foreign Ports as Cambodia, Myanmar as below:

- Rewinding Generator in Sihanoukville Port of Cambodia.

- Rewinding Generator in Yangon Port of Myanmar.

Pleased contact with us by telephone or email on 24/7 to receive a good services

Mobile: +84904125520; Email: