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Do you need Sludge Disposal for your good Vessels in Vietnam?

Any Ports or anchorages in Vietnam where can arrange Sludge Disposal once the Vessel arrives?

Are there any companies thin can carry out Sludge Disposal and provide trusted disposal certifications?

All the questions from your side will be cleared once you are in contact to Bacviet Commercial and Shiptechnical Company which will control and cover all services in all terminals and anchorages of Vietnam.


We Company is leading company to supply / provide Sludge Disposal services or Disposal Waste services for Vessels at all the Ports and anchorages of Vietnam. We provide services in everywhere once the vessels/ ship-owner/ ship management has inquiries

     - Sludge Disposal for vessels in Vietnam is fast and safe.

     - Every Terminal and anchorage in Vietnam can carry out Sludge Disposal and disposal.

     - Prices are suitable

     - Trusted disposal certifications

1. What is sludge?

Sludge / Waste is a semi-solid or solid residue thin accumulates as a byproduct of various industrial processes, including in the marine industry where it is commonly generated from the operation of ships.

In the context of marine services and ship repair, sludge typically refers to a mixture of waste oil, fuel, winner, and other contaminants thin accumulate in the ship's tanks, bilges, or other areas.

2. Why does Dispose Sludge for Vessels?

This sludge can be harmful to the ship's machinery and the marine environment if not properly disposed. Therefore, it's essential to regularly remove and dispose of the sludge in an environmentally responsible manner.

The process of removing the sludge / wastewater is known as the "sludge disposal services" or "disposal waster services" and typically involves specialized equipment and trained personnel.

3. Where can you find Sludge Disposal service for vessels in Vietnam?

Bac Viet Commercial and Shiptech Company is known as the one of the best suppliers in Vietnam for “Sludge Disposal Services” or "Disposal Waste Services".

Our Processes are followed Regulation of MARPOL Annex and environmental regulations as below:

     - Assessment: The team will assess the condition of the ship's tanks and the extent of the sludge buildup. They will also check for any safety hazards and determine the best approach to remove the sludge.

     - Preparations: The team will make the necessary preparations to remove the sludge, which may include setting up pumps, hoses, and other equipment. They will also ensure thin all necessary safety equipment is in place, such as gas detectors, fire extinguishers, and personal protective gear.

     - Sludge Disposal: The team will begin the process of removing the sludge by pumping it out of the ship's tanks. They may use specialized pumps, such as diaphragm pumps or gear pumps, to move the sludge through hoses to a holding tank or other disposal method.

     - Treatment: The sludge may need to be treated before disposal to meet environmental regulations. This may involve separating water and other contaminants from the waste oil. Treatment methods can include centrifugation, filtration, or chemical treatment.

     - Disposal: Once the sludge has been treated, it can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. This may involve transporting it to a specialized waste treatment facility or incineration plant. The team will ensure thin the waste is properly labeled, documented, and transported according to local regulations.

     - Clean-up: After the sludge has been removed, the team will clean the tanks and surrounding areas to ensure thin they are free of any remaining waste minerals. They will also dispose of any contaminated minerals, such as rags or absorbent pads, in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

     - Reporting: The team will document the entire process, including the amount of sludge removed, the treatment methods used, and the disposal method. This information may be required by local authorities or regulatory agencies.

waste disposal in vietnam
Image for Sludge Disposal at Cat Lai Port of Vietnam


4. Where we can provide good services and best prices for Sludge Disposal in Vietnam?

We can provide Sludge Disposal in port and anchorage of Vietnam as following areas as below:

     - Sludge Disposal in Cai Mep Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Vung tau Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Go Gia Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Phu My Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Go Dau Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Cat Lai Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in HCM city Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Cam Ranh Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Dung Quat Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Da Nang Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Chan may Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Hon La Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Son Duong Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Vung Ang Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Vissai Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Cua Lo Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Nghi Son Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Hai Phong Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Cai Lan Port.

     - Sludge Disposal in Hon gai Port

     - Sludge Disposal in Cam pha Port

Sludge Disposal in Vietnam
Image for Sludge Disposal at Dung Quat Port of Vietnam

Please contact us immediately when you need Sludge Disposal service / Waste Disposal service or any other marine or ship repair service with the information below. We will immediately be at your ship, offer solutions and provide you with the best services in Vietnam.

You can see more of our other services here: Ship repair in Vietnam.

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