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We are a leading company in Vietnam providing services Ship Condition Survey and audit  or other inspection for vessels in all ports and anchorage of Vietnam. With a team who experienced Ship's Engineer, good English communication skill we can carry out the following:

Purpose of the jobs:

1/ Visit Ship and carry out Condition Inspection, when vessel at Port or anchorage of Vietnam.

2/ Prepare the Ship Inspection reports as follows the Vessel software and take representative photos.

3/ Carry out internal Audit of the ship's safety management system, using the Owner guidance and check lists etc.

Ship Condition Survey for the Vessel will be carried out by experienced and leading technicians who have been certified by ISM Code Internal Auditor, Quality Management Systems Auditor, ISM basic Auditor, ISPS Basic MarSec Auditor and Certificate of Competency.

Besides that, we also provide services such as:  Pre-purchase inspections, HSEQ ISM ISPS audits, Pre-shipment inspections in Ports and anchorages of Vietnam.

 We perform duties such as HSEQ maritime audits, flag state inspections, on-off hire inspection, hatch survey, condition and pre-purchase inspections, maritime surveys, P&I survey, maritime accident investigations, pre-shipment inspection (PSI) for the Clients.

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Vietnam are included:

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Cam pha Port, Vietnam

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Ha long Port, Vietnam.

- Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Hon gai Port, Vietnam

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Lach huyen Port, Vietnam

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Cai lan Port, Vietnam 

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Nghi son  Port, Vietnam 

Ship Condition Survey and Audit services in Hai phong Port, Vietnam

- Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Vissai Port, Vietnam

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Son Duong Port, Vietnam 

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Dung quat Port, Vietnam

- Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Vinh Tan - Binh thuan Port, Vietnam

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Phu my Port, Vietnam 

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Cai mep Port, Vietnam.

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Quy Nhon Port, Vietnam

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Go Gia Port, Vietnam

Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Thieng Lieng Port, Vietnam.

Why do you choose our Company to do Ship Condition Survey and Audit in Vietnam:

+ Satisfy all requests of the customers and customer's satisfaction is key for the sustainable development of the Company

+ Quality of products and services are firstly.

+ Ensuring timely handover of products as promised.

+ Reasonable prices.

You will be received our good services, good quality and documentation and also lowest prices for the job.

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