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Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech is leading Company in Vietnam supplies services for Marine Turbocharger. 

With many experieces in this field and good skilled technicals for Turbocharger services, we provide overhauling/ maintainance all kind of Turbocharger as maker: ABB, MET, IHI ... etc


  1. To Removal Of Air Filter , Air Inlet Casing & Withdrawal the cartride group.
  2. To remove Roto-shaft and all parts inside
  3. To cleaning all removal parts.
  4. To Fit all removal parts, taking all clearances as following Maker' s instruction. Making report to show ship owner.
  5.  Ash-blasting the turbin shaft.
  6. Taking measurement & making of turbine shaft inspection report.
  7.  Dynamic balancing the complete rotor-shaft.
  8. Report making with balancing machine print out

Turbo charger overhauling areas:

We provide overhauling Turbocharger of the vessel in all the Ports of Vietnam as following:

- Turbo charger overhaul in Cam pha Port 

- Turbo charger overhaul in Ha long Port.

- Turbo charger overhaul in Hon gai Port

- Turbo charger overhaul in Lach huyen Port 

- Turbo charger overhaul in Cai lan Port 

- Turbo charger overhaul in Nghi son  Port 

- Turbo charger overhaul in Hai phong Port.

- Turbo charger overhaul in Vissai Port

- Turbo charger overhaul in Son Duong Port 

- Turbo charger overhaul in Dung quat  Port 

- Turbo charger overhaul in Phu my Port 

- Turbo charger overhaul in Cai mep Port.

- Turbo charger overhaul in Go gia anchorage.

- Turbocharger overhaul in HCM City  

Pleased contact with us by telephone or email on 24/7 to receive good services

Mobile: +84904125520; Email:

Pictures below are showed services for overhauled, micro- blasting and dynamic balancing turbocharger IHI Type: RH 133
S/N: RH276225 of MV ANNA MARIA in Binh Thuan Port - Vietnam.